Template letter for posted patient feedback

Provided below is a template letter which you may wish to send to patients in advance of the ACP questionnaire. The purpose of this letter is to introduce and briefly explain the ACP process and to confirm their agreement to participate. Please feel free to edit and use this template as you see fit.

NB: Please ensure you edit the instructions for returning the patient questionnaire, as appropriate (dependent on your own administrative process).



Dear [NAME]

I am inviting you to provide feedback as part of my participation in a 360 multi-source assessment process. I am taking part in this to collect feedback on the quality of the work I provide as a psychiatrist.

ACP 360 is run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists' Centre for Quality Improvement. The process gathers feedback from a range of people who are affected by my work. This includes psychiatrist colleagues, other members of the clinical team, administrative and management staff and patients.

Your participation is voluntary and your responses are confidential. You are one of many patients that I have invited to provide feedback and I would be grateful if you could complete a questionnaire within the next 10 days. It should take about 10-15 minutes. When you have completed it, please [POST IT BACK IN THE ENVELOPE PROVIDED/RETURN TO...]

The completed questionnaire will then be sent to the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and I will receive a summary of the grouped responses. I will not see the questionnaire that you have completed at any stage.

You also have the option of completing the questionnaire online, using a link sent to your email address. Please contact [INSERT DETAILS HERE] if you would prefer to provide your feedback in this way.

Please be completely frank when completing the form. I am participating in this assessment process because I am seeking honest feedback about my performance.  This will help me to understand what my strengths are and to identify any issues on which I need to work.

If completing the questionnaire makes you anxious or brings up any unwanted feelings, please contact your care coordinator or call [PLEASE INSERT DETAILS HERE] for support.

Many thanks for your help

Best wishes, 


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