What is MAEP?

MAEP is our Multi-Source Assessment for Expert Psychiatric witnesses (MAEP). 

The tool is designed to help expert psychiatric witnesses, who provide their expert opinion on the mental health of people in court cases, collect feedback. Feedback is collected from people involved in the case, such as solicitors and barristers. Expert witnesses can use this information for appraisal purposes and it will not be publicly available. Users complete a self-assessment as well as asking colleagues/professionals for feedback.

The questionnaire for professionals (for example, instructing solicitors) involved in the associated case contain the same eight questions based on core competencies.

These key domains were chosen by professionals within the field and link in with the core values of the General Medical Council (GMC):

  1. Professionalism
  2. Ethics
  3. Skills
  4. Reliability of opinion
  5. Presentation of opinion/report
  6. Understanding of law, procedure, and rules of evidence
  7. Oral testimony
  8. Business manners and affairs

You can generate a report for each individual case, or up to six cumulative reports per cycle.

Cumulative reports are designed to compile feedback from various case reports.



How much does MAEP cost?

A five-year MAEP registration is £135 (inc VAT) for individual consultants.

There is a discounted rate for renewing members, of £126 (inc VAT).

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