Please send the patient questionnaire to a minimum of 40 assessors. We recommend that you select at least 40 patients to ensure ACP360 receive the recommended minimum number of 25 returns to support the analysis. If you wish your report to be completed with less than 25 returns we will add the following disclaimer: ‘Please note that there are fewer than the recommended 25 returns, so please treat the patient results with caution.’

You will need to contact us to generate your report.

How to select patient assessors:

For psychiatrists with a caseload size greater than 60

  • Number each patient on your caseload consecutively starting from one and let the ACP 360 team know the total number of people on your caseload. The ACP360 team CAN generate a random list of 40 numbers representing the patients to whom to send the questionnaire or you can use an online random number generator yourself.


For psychiatrists with a caseload size between 40 and 60

  • Include all of the patients on your caseload.


For psychiatrists with a caseload size of fewer than 40

  • Include all of your current caseload. Make the number up to 40, or the highest number practical, by including in consecutive order those patients who have been most recently discharged from your caseload.

Please do not exclude any eligible patient who is on your caseload.  If you do, please document the reason and discuss this with your appraisal manager.

You may wish to record the names and contact details of the patients you have selected to assess you so that you can send reminder letters if necessary.


Contacting patient assessors

There are two ways to send the questionnaire to patients. You can send the questionnaire to patients via email through your dashboard or you can download a copy of your questionnaire.


If you choose to email your patients, they will receive a link to an online questionnaire and the feedback will be automatically include in your report.

The system will send out automated reminders to those who have not responded.


Sending paper questionnaires


Please ensure that patient and colleague feedback is collected confidentially, and returned to the ACP360 team in a way that protects the anonymity of the feedback provider.

Please be aware that due to the College being closed due to COVID-19, we are strongly advising that you scan in your patient feedback forms and email them to us instead of posting them.

Any post sent to the College will have to be forwarded to team members, so it will take longer to input your feedback.

You can find more information on our website here:

If you absolutely must send them via post, please see the following:

We would recommend that you provide patients with a stamped and addressed envelope for them to return the feedback form to us directly (please copy and paste our ACP360 address below).

If feedback forms are collected in bulk, please ensure that this is done by a third party.



ACP 360 

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Centre for Quality Improvement

21 Prescot Street


E1 8BB

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