Requesting feedback from professionals

You can request feedback from professionals via your Dashboard (see Guidance: How to use MAEP for details - this can be found under 'Info for Expert Witnesses').  Please ensure that you request feedback from as many professionals as necessary to receive at least 2 responses for a case report, and/or at least 4 responses over all your cases for a cumulative report.

If you wish to send any details regarding your request for feedback to professionals before entering their details, we have a template email which can be amended and sent. You can find this under ‘Info for Expert Witnesses’.


Requesting feedback

Once you have entered their and clicked ‘Send Email’, the system will automatically send an email to the recipient. The email will explain what MAEP is and why you are requesting the feedback. The email will also contain a link to the feedback questionnaire which is linked directly to your assessment. This will allow the outcomes to be automatically included in your report. 

To access the link, the recipient will need to enter their email address (this is the same as the one you would have entered when sending the request, so do ensure this is an up to date and accurate email address).

Every 7 days, the system will send out an automated reminder to the recipient. These reminder emails will continue to be sent until the recipient has completed the feedback, the assessment is closed, or the recipient has declined to give feedback.

Removing details

Recipients have the option to not give feedback. In these cases, the recipient will contact the MAEP team stating that they do not wish to participate, and the MAEP team will delete their details from the system - you may not be notified.

Reports of emails not being sent

The system automatically sends the feedback request email and the reminder emails. Sometimes these emails are marked as junk/spam. If you are informed that recipients are not receiving these emails, please explore the following options:

  • Double check that the correct email address has been entered for the colleague and that this is spelt correctly.
  • Ask your colleagues to check their junk/spam folders.
  • If both the above actions have been completed, contact the MAEP team.


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