To begin your assessment, go to 'Feedback' then Dashboard. Select start new assessment . This will take you to your Dashboard.

In order to generate a report, you will need to have:

  • A completed self-assessment
  • 7 colleague feedback responses*
  • 5 patient feedback responses

In order to achieve this, please follow the steps below.

1) Click on complete self-assessment and fill in your self-assessment. This should take approximately 10-15 minutes. The report cannot be generated until this has been completed

2) E-mail your colleagues to tell them you would like to collect feedback - you can use the text in the template email to colleagues. We recommend that you select at least 10 colleagues to ensure the recommended number of 7 colleague feedback responses that we need for the analysis are received. Select a balanced set of assessors; people with whom you have a range of working relationships and who reflect the ethnicity, gender and age mix of your colleagues

3) Once agreed, nominate your colleagues by entering their names and email addresses on your dashboard under the section 'Request Colleague Feedback'.

4) Select patients you wish to gather feedback from. If you are posting your patient questionnaires, please find instructions and a template letter under the 'Sending patient questionnaire' tab on your home screen.  Your personalised patient questionnaire can be downloaded from your dashboard. Alternatively, you can also invite patients via email under the heading 'Request Patient Feedback' (in a similar way to inviting your colleagues).

5) You can log into your account and check your dashboard at any time to see your colleague and patient response rate. Regular emails will also be sent to give you an update on your responses.

6) Once you have received the recommended minimum number of responses, get in touch with the MSAN 360 team, who will be able to release your report. Once released,  your report will be available for you to download on your dashboard.

*The report can be released with a minimum of 5 colleague and 5 patient responses - please discuss this with the team if required.

MSAN 360 Team contact details: / 020 3701 2696/95

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