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A summary: How to complete your assessment

To begin your assessment, click to 'Feedback' then ‘Dashboard'.  Select 'Start New Assessment '.  This will take you to your Dashboard.

Click on ‘Complete Self Assessment’ and fill in your questionnaire.

E-mail other professionals involved in the case to tell them you would like to collect feedback - you can use the text in the template email to professionals. You will need to have received at least two returns on an individual case (e.g. instructing solicitor or barrister) or up to four returns from instructing solicitors only before your report can be released.

Once agreed, nominate your colleagues by entering their names and email addresses on your dashboard under the section ‘Request Professional Feedback’.

You can log into your account and check your dashboard at any time to see your questionnaire response rate.

Once you have received the recommended minimum number of responses you can request your report by contacting the MAEP team on or call us on 0208 618 4029.

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