How to use MAEP

This page provides links to MAEP guides you can download, alongside a brief summary of the key stages for completing your assessment.


For an overview of the MAEP process, refer to our: Quick Guide for MAEP

For full guidance on the MAEP system with FAQs, refer to our: MAEP User Guide



How to complete your assessment – a brief summary


  • To start an assessment go to ‘Feedback’, select ‘Dashboard’, enter your Case Identifier (NB: this should not be a confidential reference) and then click ‘Add new case’.


  • On your Dashboard, click ‘Complete self-assessment’ to provide your self-evaluation of performance against the domains.


  • Email the professionals you would like to include in the MAEP feedback process, to introduce MAEP and confirm their agreement to participate – you can copy and paste content from the template provided, ‘Template email for requesting Professional Feedback’.


  • When ready, go to your ‘Dashboard’ and enter your professional contacts’ names and email addresses under the section ‘Request Professional Feedback’. Click ‘Send email’. (Under the header ‘Info for Expert Witnesses’, go to the ‘Requesting feedback from professionals’ page for additional notes on this process).


  • The professionals you have chosen will be sent an email by the MAEP system inviting them to provide their feedback online. Automated reminder emails will be sent until a response is received.


  • You will need to have received at least two responses on an individual case in order to receive Case Report. You can receive a Cumulative Report once you have at least 4 responses across all cases. You can see the number of responses received on your ‘Dashboard’.


  • Once you have received the required number of responses, contact the MAEP team to gain access to your report. Once released, this can be downloaded from your ‘Dashboard’.


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