What can multi-source feedback tell me?

MSAN-360 is an opportunity to gain a perspective on how important aspects of your work performance are perceived by colleagues and service users. Scores can help you to identify areas of good practice as well as areas that you might further develop. The emphasis on this being a supportive practice learning tool allowing an opportunity to reflect between a staff member and their line manager and that no information is shared with other members of the organisation nor held on any Trust data base.

How long does the process take?

The process takes about eight weeks. You should log on to your online account if you would like an update on the number of questionnaires returned. If you reach the recommended number of returns, you are able to contact the MSAN 360 team for your report to be generated (this will be generated within 1 working day).

When can my report be released?

Your report can be released after you have received a minimum of seven colleague responses and five service user responses. However, in certain circumstances we are able to generate the report with less than this. You also have to complete the self-assessment in order for the report to be generated.

Could unfair criticism from one colleague, service user or carer skew my results?

A high number of colleagues, service users and carers complete assessments and their responses are aggregated.  Negative responses from one person will not greatly affect the mean scores. Please be aware that we do not share individual colleague responses with participants. All data is presented in aggregate form and individual questionnaires are not available.

Who should I share my report with?

Firstly, you should take time yourself to reflect on what you can learn from the report. After that, the best setting to discuss your report is in your appraisal meeting. If you have a mentor or coach, you may also wish to share elements of your report with them. There is a space on the system which allows you to enter the details of your appraiser, so you can electronically send them you report. This is optional.


What should I do if I am concerned about my results?

Discuss any concerns with the colleague who is conducting your appraisal or with another trusted colleague or mentor. Remember that the 360 process is not an examination, there is no pass or fail, and the process is designed to enable you to reflect on and improve your practice.

How should I read the main report?

You should read the report in full, and reflect on what it suggests are areas where you are strong and areas on which you might want to work on in the future.  Do these fit with your self-perception?  You should not focus unduly on one single item but on domain scores and what the report as a whole tells you about yourself. 

How is free text feedback included?

Free text comments can complement the numerical feedback in the main report by giving you further insight into your strengths and areas for development. The experience from other multi-source feedback tools which use free text is that participants find this component of the assessment valuable and encouraging.  Both colleagues and patients are given the option to leave free text comments in their feedback.


How do I use the report as part of my appraisal?

The 360 report should be included in the portfolio of information that you discuss with your appraiser. The discussion with your appraiser should consider the strengths and areas for development in a balanced way.

What else can I do with the results?

We recommend that you develop an action plan to address any issues that have been identified by the 360 process. This might be part of a wider personal development plan agreed with your appraiser and/or peer group. Some issues might also be taken into the job planning process with your clinical manager. For example, if it is agreed during the appraisal discussion that an unduly heavy workload is a factor affecting your results. We recommend that you make a diary note to review your action plan and progress six months after appraisal.  The action plan can then be further reviewed at your next appraisal meeting.


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