How to begin your assessment

Please find below a brief overview of how to begin your ACP 360 assessment. Further advice can be found under 'Info for Psychiatrists'.



  • To begin your assessment, go to 'Feedback' then ‘Dashboard' and select 'Start new assessment '.


  • Click on ‘Complete self assessment’ and fill in the questionnaire.


  • We recommend contacting your colleagues and patients in advance to let them know you'd like to collect their feedback and to confirm you have their permission to do so via the ACP system - you can find more details under 'Requesting feedback from patients/colleagues'. We also provide Templates if needed.


  • When ready, enter your colleague names and emails into the 'Request Colleague Feedback' section of your 'Dashboard'. Then click 'Send email' against each name to send an automatic email to your colleagues with instructions and a link to the online questionnaire.


  • If you're inviting feedback from patients via the online system, enter patient names and emails under the 'Service user questionnaire' section and click 'Send email' against each of these entries.


(Ensure you enter your colleague and patient emails under the correct section - contact the ACP team if you have any problems or queries).


  • If it's preferable to collect patient feedback using paper questionnaires, click the option to 'Download patient questionnaire' under the 'Service User questionnaire' section of your 'Dashboard'. You can then print copies to distribute to your patients, to then collate and post to the ACP team.


  • Please refer to 'Requesting feedback from patients' for guidance on ensuring confidentiality and the options for returning your posted questionnaires.


  • You can log into your account and check your 'Dashboard' at any time to see your colleague and patient response rates.


  • Once you have received the recommended minimum number of responses, please contact the ACP team so your report can be released.


  • We recommend obtaining 13 colleague responses and 25 patient responses, but we can release a report with a minimum of 5 colleague and 5 patient responses.



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