Template reminder letter for posted patient feedback

Provided below is a template letter which you may wish to send to patients in advance of the ACP questionnaire. This is a reminder letter. Please feel free to edit and use this template as you see fit.

NB: Please ensure you edit the instructions on returning the questionnaire, referenced in this template letter, as appropriate.



Dear [Name]

Re: ACP 360 Multi-Source Assessment for Psychiatrists: a reminder

I wrote to you several weeks ago asking whether you could help with my participation in a system for evaluating the quality of the work of psychiatrists.  I hope my letter reached you.

The letter asked that you post a questionnaire back to the Royal College of Psychiatrists. They have informed me that we have not yet received enough.  Since we do not know who has replied (the envelopes do not show who they are from), I am writing to ask all the people on my randomly selected list to check whether they completed the questionnaire.  If you have, thank you and I am sorry to have troubled you with this second letter.

Once again, I would emphasise that your participation is voluntary, that you do not have to complete the questionnaire if you do not wish to, nobody will know whether you have or have not done so, and that if you decide not to take part it will not affect your care in any way.

If you choose not to complete the questionnaire, you do not need to let us know and I will not trouble you with any further reminder letters.

Best wishes


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